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The Frame

The Lunor acetate collection has been growing for 15 years and consists of 32 models with a wide range of styles. From the round Panto shape to the square-shaped Anatomic – the acetate glasses with the "Made in Germany" mark of quality are currently very trendy (Primarily: Havana colours and matt surfaces).

The Hinge

The typical Lunor hinge is the trademark of the acetate frame and a sign of quality. Using a CNC milling machine, the hinge piece is developed piece by piece from a metal rod. Then, using functional rivets, it is connected to the frame and middle section. While many other manufacturers only use deco rivets, Lunor puts a lot of stock in authenticity.

The Surface

The surface of the acetate frame is applied with several polish levels onto a high gloss. Several steps are being passed through: wood fillings in different forms, pumice stone paste and a flexible hand polish for the perfect shine.