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The Screw

The rimless frame of Lunor is one of a kind, right down to its smallest detail. For this frame, Lunor even developed its own individual screw. The unique aspect about it: the screw has a carrier edge on the bottom. Only the rim area of the screw is still on the glass, no longer the entire bottom. The benefit: pressure is deviated from the convex glass side and the risk that the glass could go through on the drill hole is minimized.

The Pad System

For almost every Lunor rimless model, there is a pad system which can be optimally enhanced for individual wearing comfort. By affixing the pad to the frame with a glass screw, handling is guaranteed to be easy. Many years of development on this seemingly invisible part has had its culmination with the pleasantly round edge and the unique feel of the titanium material. Its long life exceeds the service life of every ordinary plastic pad.

The Temple

Very finely and graciously, the temple of the Classic Comfort model seems to defy gravity on the ear and makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The temple is made of titanium and is manufactured from one piece.