Social responsibility

A good vision is nothing that goes without saying. That’s why we donate to CBM – Christoffel Blindenmission. CBM helps people in need words wide with surgeries to cure cataract and to prevent blindness. We also donate to the local Grace P. Kelly Vereinigung e.V. which supports children suffering from cancer and their families.

Climate and environment

Climate change and massive use of biocides endanger the existence of many species. Insects and especially bees are suffering. Together with BeeFuture we are host to approx. 50.000 bees which reside in a hive on the company’s premises.

Sustainability is not a meaningless phrase to us: Our new company headquarter generates a peak of 69kW of clean solar energy. Combined with a big buffer battery and geothermal energy we achieve a self-sustaining operation during winter and summer. A charger already powers three electric cars with solar power. Our sales team uses natural gas-dedicated cars to lower CO2 emissions.


Since July 2018 we are officially a climate neutral company:

We support the following three certified projects to compensate our corporate carbon footprint which includes all CO2 emissions caused within our supply chain and all traveling activities

  • Reafforestation in Columbia
  • Forest conservation in Uruguay
  • Solar heat in India