The application process

This is how the application process at Lunor works

Your online application

Your first step towards Lunor starts with an online application. You can send us your documents via our Online-Portal or by email. Your application is the starting point for us getting to know you better. The application process takes up to 30 days and we check how your individual skills could fit into our team.

The digital interview

If your application is successful, we will invite you to a digital interview. This first meeting takes place over Microsoft Teams and usually lasts for around 45 minutes. You will have the chance to not only speak with our HR manager, but also obtain an insight into your future department. This is because a good team is not only made up of qualifications, but also of a harmonious team environment.

The trial day

We will contact you within 7-14 days of the digital interview to arrange a trial day with you. The purpose of the trial day is to allow us to get to know each other even better. You have the opportunity to meet your future colleagues, get a sense of how the team works and experience the position from a practical perspective. It is important to us that you know exactly what you can expect, before potentially signing a contract. No question should remain unanswered and that is exactly what you will have the opportunity to do on the trial day.

What we offer

After your successful trial day, we do not want to leave you waiting for long. We will consult one more time with the department and contact you within 7-14 days, either to make an offer or to inform you that we have decided to go another way.